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PPT / Print / Motion

Dedicated to events and B2B, for missions in France and abroad.


PowerPoint Specialist

Design of Powerpoint presentations, according to the guidelines of the company or the event, in collaboration with the speaker or the copywriter: mask layouts, graphics, charts, infographics, color themes, master templates, animations, transitions, actions, video, and more. Proactive for the optimization of contents, for slides that highlight your point and energize your speech.


Workmanship of PDF printing files for any visual mediums frequently used at events (like wall coverings, printed panels, stage backdrops, posters, roll-ups, kakemonos, badges, signage, and much more), respecting technical manufacturing constraints and ensuring prints' quality. If needed, digital version of artworks can be made for internet publications.

Motion Design

The production of video visual skins created specifically for the events, such as jingles, synths, animated info-decors, loops, awards ceremony skins. This type of production requires animation-related know-how and often calls on the 3D functions of AfterEffects. Its objective is to energize the distribution, in particular during the stage entrances and other highlights of the plenary sessions.


A business partner for over twenty years

B2B communication expert with proven knowledge in the event field, I ensure the production of visual mediums that boost your messages. Cooperative and conscientious, it is in the attention that I pay to your messages that we manage together to mark the memory of your audience.

"We have been working with Alain Cournoyer for almost 9 years, and it is no coincidence! In addition to the undeniable quality of his work and an always warm contact, he has adapted over time to the evolution of our professions and needs."

  • Valentin Petey, Takoma Agency

Missions accomplished for renowned agencies

Hopscotch  •  S'cape  •  Dentsu  •  Extreme  •  Karénaé  •  Chwette  •  Takoma  •  FinEvents